June 29, 2015

#BrainBits: 60-Second Neuroscience - Submit Your Questions!

I've got a lot on my plate as a graduate student, as you may understand.

Although my goal is to blog at least every two weeks, sometimes that doesn't happen. (Case in point: my last blog was published two months ago.) But back in the day (A.K.A. before I joined a lab), I blogged WEEKLY. And I want to get back into that. So...

I'm introducing a new weekly segment, which will complement my regular posts, called Brain Bits!

My brain is not QUITE this itty-bitty, luckily. #BrainBits. SOCIALIsBETTER (Flickr)
I want to hear your burning neuroscience questions: everything from "Why do I hate the sound of my own voice?" to  "Why do I blush when I'm embarrassed?" My responses to these questions will be short and sweet; you should be able to read them in 60 seconds or less.

(To give you an idea, our first submission is, "Why does coffee make me poop?" Check back next week for the answer!)

You can e-mail me your questions, tweet me (@GainesOnBrains), or submit your questions anonymously here. And make sure you're subscribed to Gaines, on Brains (see sidebar on the right) to get my regular blogs, and the new Brain Bits segment, sent to your inbox.

Stay neuroscience-y!