June 5, 2016

#PhDin2016: I'm Defending in 2 Days!

It's here, guys.

This 194-page beast went to the committee on May 12. (No, I had nothing more
to say, but another 6 pages would have been awesome.)

I'm defending this Tuesday afternoon, and I'm ready. I mean, I will be – I'm currently holed up in my freezing cubicle timing my presentation slides. But I feel good about them. I feel like I could answer any question thrown at me. And if I can't answer it, then it's not really in the scope of what I *should* know well. (I hope that's the case!)

Here's a word cloud I made of my dissertation. The larger the word, the more frequent I use it in the text: 

Any last-minute words of wisdom for me? Catch y'all on the flip side!


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