October 13, 2016

[Bringing it Back] #BrainBits: 60-Second Neuroscience - Submit Your Questions!

Last year, I experimented with fun, short posts through a segment called #BrainBits, where I'd answer your burning "why?" questions in a post that would take 60 seconds or less to read.

Hey Paul Studios (Flickr)
You can read all #BrainBits posts here, which include, among others:

  • Why does coffee make me poop?
  • What is déjà vu ?
  • Why do I get hangry?
  • What are hiccups?

I'm bringing it back!

You can e-mail me your questions, tweet me (@GainesOnBrains), comment below, or submit your questions anonymously here

And make sure you're subscribed to Gaines, on Brains (see sidebar on the right) to get my regular blogs, including the #BrainBits posts, sent to your inbox.

Stay neuroscience-y!

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